Dario Scimone

Space Engineering Student


Spacecraft orbital transfers characterization

This project aims to: characterize a given initial orbit, characterize a given final orbit, described by classical Keplerian parameters, identify the best orbital transfer.

Design of a model-rocket with TVC system

This project aims to: characterize and optimize the model rocket components, solve a make or by problem, design the TVC system and study the internal combustion of the engine.

Interplanetary and Planetary Mision Analisys

This project aims to characterize the interplanetary trajectory for an explorer mission and to characterize the orbit for a Earth observation mission.

Attitude Dynamics and Control for a 6U CubeSat

This report aims to model the attitude and control system of a 6U CubeSat; the simulations have been carried out inside the Matlab&Simulink environment.


Experimental Payload V0

The experimental payload EPv0 is a project of the italian company Sidereus Space Dynamics developed, designed and built with the contribution of PoliSpace. EPv0 aims to characterize through measurements the payload bay of Sidereus’ launcher EOS.

My role inside the team is to help in the design process and in the 3D printing of the components.


Matlab / Simulink

2+ Years


1 Year

Autodesk Inventor

3+ Years

Autodesk Fusion

2+ Years


3+ Years


3+ Years

C Language

3+ Years


1+ Year

WordPress - Elementor

2+ Years

Cura - 3D Printing

1+ Year